Three points to choose a marketing consulting agency!

When companies are looking for marketing consulting organizations, they don’t know how to choose them; some companies are deeply disappointed with the cooperative leading marketing agency, but they are hesitant to choose who to be partners again. In my point of view, companies should choose the following three aspects:

First of all, the selected marketing consulting agency needs a think tank that has both strategic vision and practical execution ability. In other words, if it is only an outstanding expert in marketing practice or only advanced strategic awareness, it is not enough. Internationalization, seamless thinking and marketization, and practical operation methods should be the necessary external brains in the true sense of the enterprise. The consulting organization not only needs to have considerable qualification background and market resources but also has a unique and proficient operation method in channel construction, product brand promotion, public relations promotion activities, marketing organization construction, etc., but also in public relations media strategy, brand strategy, overall There is an open-minded vision in marketing strategy.

marketing consulting agency

 Some consulting organizations, the so-called practicality, are asking companies to pay advertising fees and price reduction policies. After a gust of wind, the situation of enterprises is even more unfavorable. Some consulting organizations, many of which are ideas, are mostly strategic concepts, but they are not compatible with the real market reality environment. The company on the surface feels right, but how difficult it is to implement.

  Second, the selected marketing consulting agency should be savvy. It should be said that which industry to engage in must have relevant savvy. If you have savvy, you will have an innovative spirit, instead of following the old-fashioned and self-sufficient, you will win the first opportunity and you will be well equipped. To do marketing consulting, of course, there must be marketing savvy. With savvy, we can bridge the gap between modern management theory and market actual combat. Applying martial arts to say that it is necessary to play the role of the two, is the true marketing planner. Naturally, the master of marketing planning in the true sense is not always there.

Some consulting organizations have been established early, and they like to use the few cases of previous operations to show off and show off. Objectively speaking, on the one hand, the market environment at that time, the public’s understanding is different from the previous ones, and can’t be simply an analogy. On the other hand, the trend of internationalization has never been like this, it doesn’t change its mind, and it is not good to deal with it.

Realistic, finally, the selected leading marketing agency should have compatibility. To be compatible with the original company’s marketing strategy, brand strategy, marketing policy. The change of enterprise development is a process. Enterprises need to cultivate, and they can improve the methods of cultivation, but they cannot promote their growth. Some advisory bodies are good at distorting the facts, exaggerating competitors and advocating the cruel means of market competition to cause customers to panic, and then require customers to completely reinvent. This kind of harm is very big. Really understand the enterprise, market, modern management theory, in order to find the overall marketing strategy to help enterprises.